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Blood, Sweat and Tears

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

No one said this would be easy. Working with glass can be a tricky process. Especially when the process requires us to nip glass pieces into shards on purpose! "So, clean as you

go," you might say. Well, again, this is tricky. The day we finished the north wall, we realized just how much the studio floor was covered in sharp glass splinters! And just how much DNA might be stuck to the tile tape!

To add to this occupational hazard, the final stages required us to be on our knees much of the time, piecing together the final sections, ripping up and redoing some parts, piecing together again. It was a labour of love, and all the squatting ended up being a good workout! But Lauren may have ruined another pair of pants. Oh well, nothing another bandage won't fix.

All the while in the background, a beautiful baby is occupying himself in a bouncy chair, patiently listening to the adult conversations around him, ...until his patience wears thin, and it's time to go.

So the lessons learned this month:

1. We should have budgeted for bandages. No, in fact, we should have budgeted for complete first aid kits.

2. Large-scale mosaics are a great workout!

3. We need to purchase a shop vac for the studio!

4. While babies may limit an artist's flow, the sound of their laughter is equivalent to sunshine, and makes it all worth it.