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First Arras Workshop

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

"None of us is alone in this world; each of us is a vital piece of the great mosaic of humanity as a whole."

- Pope John Paul II

Nor are Lauren Judge or Elana Chand alone in their public art installation project titled Arras.

On the first sunny and warm-ish day in spring, 6 people gathered at Globe Studios to take part in an outdoor mosaic project that will be installed at the Fairway ION station this summer.

After an introduction from Lauren about what the project was about, and what the other walls would look like, Elana introduced the wall they would be working on that day, titled "Alphabet Graffiti", a 1990’s inspired design.

Given a brief overview of mosaic artistry as a whole, including the different techniques and methods of creating mosaics, Elana talked about the way the workshop team would be constructing their pieces: the double indirect method. It involves laying tiles on top of contact paper in the desired design, then covering the finished piece with a heavy duty tape, keeping the whole thing from falling apart. During installation, the contact paper is removed and the design is pressed into adhesive. Once the adhesive is dry, the heavy duty tape is removed and grout is applied, finishing the install.

With a few basic lessons complete, the workshop attendees were ready choose their portion of the wall to work on. Some areas of the design from what will be the West wall of the Fairway station install were traced and ready to be worked on. From there people picked up some corresponding coloured tiles, tools such as tape, nippers and contact paper and got straight to work.

After settling in, the room got very quiet! Everyone was hard at work, making sure their pieces were exactly the way they wanted them to be. The quiet sound of artists at work!

The first piece to be completed was a beautiful blue teardrop shaped piece, but the other completed portions came in fast after that. All in all, 12 stunning pieces of the West wall were completed in the short 2.5 hour workshop timeframe. An accomplishment everyone should be quite proud of!

Not only did the participants get to take part in a mosaic workshop, learning a skill they might not otherwise be familiar with but their contribution will forever remain as part of this public art installation at the southern end of Phase 1 of the ION Light Rail system in KW. Something to point out to friends and family when they come visit, and an enduring memory for generations to come.

This was the first of three public workshops to be hosted by the Arras team. The next will be an open studio on May 11 from 4:00 - 9:00 pm, and following this a hands-on workshop on May 27, from 1:00 to 3:30 pm.