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Flower Power

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Arras is a collection of textile patterns made into a mosaic tapestry.  Artwork inspired by textiles throughout the decades since the future home of the artwork, Fairview Mall, was constructed. The first of these patterns that we decided to begin with is representative of the 1960’s.  We have affectionately named it “Flower Power”.

Chronologically, this pattern is the earliest one and seems like a logical place to start.  But starting with this particular design was also a strategic decision.  Being one of the most complex and intricate designs we have planned, we were excited to sink our teeth into it.  Knowing that it would take some time before we got into a rhythm and gained momentum cutting and placing tiles, we were happy to start with a more complicated pattern and take our time getting it right. 

The “Swinging Sixties”, as it is sometimes known, was in many ways an era of revolution.  This is the time of hippies who challenged conservative norms of the time.  Significant progress was made in the areas of civil rights, feminism, environmentalism and pacifism.  “Peace, love and happiness” was a popular phrase, but “Flower Power” was a slogan used to represent peace and bell-bottom-wearing hippies embraced the essence of this expression by wearing flowery patterns on their clothing, crowns of flowers in their hair, and painting flowers on their vans.  What a powerful place to start. 

In addition, this design will find its home on the north wall of the

transit driver’s building at the Fairway Road ION stop.  It feels fitting that we would start the project, following our north star (or in this case, flower).  Starting with “Flower Power” has been so fun, so rewarding, and has made us so excited about what is still to come, giving us a beautiful reminder to motivate us as we continue to work our way through the patterns, and decades, that make up the tapestry of Arras.